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Michaelmas Cay

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Michaelmas Cay is world famous for its migratory birds and the cay provides one of the few rare opportunities to snorkel and scuba dive in protected calm waters. No matter what the weather, the sandy lagoon is wind protected and the coral is immediately adjacent to the beach. Sea turtles are extremely common and you are also likely to see giant trevally, small black tip reef sharks, bat fish, and hundreds of varieties of colourful reef fish.

Only three permits have been granted allowing tourists daily access to the beach. We have one of them. To ensure that the cay remains in a natural state we work closely with both the Queensland National Parks and the Federal Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority.


  • Calm, protected waters. Ideal for snorkeling off the beach.
  • Excellent for those new to the art of snorkeling, have small kids, poor swimming ability or suffer from sea sickness. We have a staff member who helps teach snorkeling in the shallow water of the cay.
  • Coral. As you can see from the photos, the coral is immediately adjacent to the cay. No long swims.
  • Great place to soak up the tropical sunshine.
  • Amazing marine bird population. At its height (during the summer breeding season), as many as 20,000 birds nest on the island.
  • Many excellent scuba dive sites for certified scuba divers.
  • Introductory or first time scuba divers can dive in shallow water, directly off the boat in a coral garden.
  • A unique experience on the Great Barrier Reef which combines migratory sea birds, tropical marine life and a true coral cay.