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Solar Eclipse

Solar Eclipse 2012

POP Eclipse

Passions of Paradise Solar Eclipse Cruise
14th November 2012
Price per Person: $215.00 + $10 Levy
For bookings phone 0740411600 or email reservations@passions.com.au


Early Check in and Departure
Souvenir Boarding Pass
Solar Eclipse Viewing Glasses
Fresh Tea, Coffee and Danishes on Arrival
Full Two Hours of Eclipse Viewing
Gourmet Breakfast
Approx. 3 Hours in Water Time.
All Snorkelling Equipment
Afternoon Tea Served on Return Sail to Cairns

Solar Eclipse 2012

When dawn breaks across Cairns and Great Barrier Reef on November 14, 2012, the temperature will drop and darkness will descend as the moon overtakes the sun and casts its all-encompassing shadow. Eclipse 2012 is attracting world-wide attention from visitors planning holidays around the event which is best viewed from the Cairns region. The total solar eclipse will be seen only along a narrow strip about 200km wide which crosses the top of Queensland and out into the Coral Sea over the Great Barrier Reef.

Location for Eclipse Viewing:

Passions of Paradise will choose the best Great Barrier Reef viewing position for Eclipse 2012 on the day, taking into account the central line of the shadow path of the Eclipse and the prevailing weather conditions to ensure passenger comfort.

What can you expect to see?

As the moon’s shadow starts moving across the sun it will look like a small bite which gradually increases in size. Watch for Baily’s Beads where the sun shines through the rugged surface of the moon creating points of light on the edge of the moon’s disc. These can only be seen for a few seconds at the center of the eclipse path, but are visible longer near the outer edge of the path of the umbra or the darkest part of the shadow. When only one point of light is left, it is called the Diamond Ring effect as the single bead of light looks like a shiny ring with an enormous sparkling diamond.
When the shadow of the moon covers the sun entirely, a faint halo or corona appears and this phase is known as totality. As the moon moves away from the sun, Baily’s Beads may be seen again before the sun fully emerges.

It will take nearly 2 hours for the moon’s complete journey across the face of the sun only a small part of this is total darkness.

The length of darkness will depend on the distance from the Centre line. Locations from Port Douglas to the South side of Cairns will experience totality for approximately 2 minutes while Innisfail and Bloomfield will only have 20 seconds of darkness.

How Do I View The Eclipse?

It is only safe to view the eclipse without any filters when the sun is totally eclipsed, but safety precautions must be taken before and after this phase. Do not look directly at the sun with the naked eye or through an optical device such as binoculars or a telescope as it can cause permanent eye damage. Eclipse viewing glasses will be provided to all guests on board Passions of Paradise.

For bookings phone 0740411600 or email reservations@passions.com.au

In Water Activities:

After experiencing one of world’s great natural phenomena, try another – diving and snorkelling on the only living thing on Earth that can be seen from the moon. Guests will enjoy up to three hours in the water snorkelling or diving on the Great Barrier Reef after the Eclipse. If the weather permits, Passions of Paradise will moor at a dive and snorkelling site close to the central path of the Eclipse. This will give passengers the choice of jumping in the water as soon as the moon completely covers the sun to snorkel or, for an additional cost, join a dive* or guided snorkel tour to witness how the Great Barrier Reef corals and marine life react to a full solar eclipse.

*Certified Divers only, 1st Dive $70, Must Be Booked and Paid For On Board.

2.30am – Check in at Reef Fleet Terminal
2.30am – Fresh Tea, Coffee and Selection of Warm Danishes Served
3.00am SHARP – Departure/Safety Briefings
4am - 5.45am – Travel to Destination
5.45am – Boat at Location ready for Eclipse Viewing
8.00am – Gourmet Brunch Served
8.30am – In Water Activities Commence
11.30am – Return Sail to Cairns
12.00pm – Afternoon Tea Served
1.30pm – Arrive at Cairns Reef Fleet Terminal
For bookings phone 0740411600 or email reservations@passions.com.au


Due to the unpredictable nature of the weather in November Passions of Paradise cannot guarantee an unobstructed viewing of the Eclipse 2012 and reserves the right to cancel the trip due to weather conditions at any time. If the tour is cancelled prior to departure a full refund will be issued or the option will be given to travel on our regular Day Tour on another date with the price difference refunded.

If the Eclipse 2012 is obstructed the day will continue as per the itinerary and no refund will be issued.
Please contact reservations by email ASAP if you wish to cancel your trip. Any cancellations made 48 hours prior to departure will receive a full refund. Cancellations received within 48 hours of departure will incur a 50% cancellation fee.
Cancellations inside 24hours and no shows – no refunds given.